2017 Fireworks Display Safety

Fireworks displays are a part of many community celebrations sponsored by local governments.

Although fireworks displays are exciting and spectacular, many dangers are associated with putting on events. Many safety precautions must be taken.

A local government has two options in putting on an outdoor public fireworks display (1.3G or 1.4G fireworks):

  1. Utilize local government personnel who are trained, and a licensed operator is in charge of the display.
  2. Hire a trained professional, and the local government can contractually transfer the risk to the display operator.

If your entity hires a contractor, the contractor should be required to carry appropriate insurance coverage and liability limits for fireworks displays. The entity should also require a hold harmless agreement from the contractor and indemnify the municipality for any liability arising out of the fireworks display. The entity will also want to request to be an additional insured on the contractor’s insurance policy.

Prior to a fireworks display, contact your TMLIRP underwriter to ensure coverage is in place, either as a sponsor only or directly conducting the display.

View & Download our 2017 Fireworks Safety Guide as a PDF.

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