Boiler Inspections

Following a catastrophic accident in 1937, the State Legislature enacted the boiler safety program, codified in Chapter 755 of the Health and Safety Code.

Modern boiler systems are designed for safety and efficiency, but without proper operation and maintenance, they can deteriorate, resulting in possible danger to people and property. Inspections are a crucial requirement to help maintain safe and reliable boiler operations by identifying hazards.

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Inspections Included with TMLIRP Property Coverage

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) inspects boilers for TMLIRP members with property coverage. Those properties must be listed on the property schedule, but objects at electric generating facilities are excluded. The Boiler Law and Rules are at Call 800-722-7843 for technical assistance.

Getting Inspected

The Risk Pool notifies the TDLR of member boilers that are due for inspection. The Risk Pool sends notices every month to the TDLR and Pool members. The member’s boiler operator will need to coordinate with the inspector on when to schedule the inspection and arrange for any servicing or preparations. Inspection and certificate fees are paid by the Risk Pool.

Newly installed boilers should be reported to the Loss Prevention Department. The TDLR requires installers to fill out TDLR Form #013BLR to notify the agency that a new boiler requires inspection. The form is at

If you have questions or comments about this service, please contact Kim Grelle, TMLIRP Loss Prevention Department, at or 800-537-6655

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