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The Subrogation department handles thousands of subrogation cases per year for both the Property Claims and Workers' Compensation Claims departments. The Subrogation department's mission is to obtain subrogation recoveries on behalf of the Pool's Members with consideration to maximize positive outcomes through (1) faster recoveries that will have a greater impact on the Member's loss experience ratio and (2) aggressive recovery procedures, including obtaining Member's deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses where applicable and appropriate. The Subrogation department achieves these objectives by:
  • Coordinating with both the Property and Worker's Compensation departments from the initial intake of a claim to determine subrogation potential.
  • Internally handling subrogation cases in the pre-litigation phase with dedicated pre-litigation claims specialists.
  • Internally handling subrogation cases in the litigation phase through settlement or trial when feasible by two in-house subrogation attorneys.
  • When necessary, outsourcing the handling of litigation cases to outside counsel and managing those outside counsel.
TMLIRP maintains a comprehensive, dedicated subrogation department fully staffed with pre-litigation claims specialists, paralegals and in-house attorneys.
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