Protecting the People who Make Texas Work

We offer legal counsel in support of the coverages that we provide to our members. These include the following areas:

Liability and Property Claims

  • Handled in-house and directly administered by staff members who are trained and knowledgeable in government and municipal law
  • Emphasis on thorough initial claims assessment to help provide early resolution of problem claims
  • Approximately 50{be3c2caa45669f3f37d800de9ae3d07c1f021e3cb8cc270eec01fe11c098da44} of all liability and physical damage claims, those with clear liability or denial or with minimal liability or damage, are handled through the "fast-track" system by pool staff

Workers' Compensation Claims

  • Aggressive Medical Cost Containment
  • Communication with Members and claimants to help injured employees return to work in a timely manner
  • Claims offices in Lubbock, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Corpus Christi, Harlingen, and the central office in Austin
  • Alliance contracts with medical providers across Texas to ensure quality care

File a Claim or Check the Status of an Existing Claim

To file a claim for Liability, Property, or Workers' Compensation online, please log in to access the claims forms. For more information concerning an existing claim, or for help on filing a new claim, please contact us at:

Liability and Property Claims

phone: (800) 537-6655 or
phone: (512) 491-2300
fax: (512) 491-2366

Workers' Compensation Claims

phone: (800) 537-6655

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