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Filing Liability & Property Claims

All claims or lawsuits must be transmitted immediately to the TMLIRP Claims Department. Lawsuits should be sent by facsimile or overnight mail. All liability claims should be reported regardless of the amount of your liability deductible. Facsimile is preferred when submitting claims. Claims may also be submitted on the Liability & Property claims form via the links below. Prompt reporting of liability claims will enable TMLIRP's adjusters to investigate the claims sooner, while the evidence may still be available.

Prompt reporting is also essential when a Member has real and personal property that has been damaged.

Since property claims have a more definable value, claims that are below the Member's deductible need not be submitted to the Pool. Claims that fall close to the deductible amount should be reported so that an adjuster can examine the claim carefully.

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The Liability & Property Claims Department is open from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

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We take every liability & property claim seriously.

Due to the nature of liability or property claims, municipal officials should proceed carefully through each step of the process. The Pool's Liability & Property Claims Department is here to help municipal officials by providing professional legal guidance and counseling. Members should always contact the Pool whenever a notification of claim is submitted.

Below is a list of important 'Things to Remember' when you have a Liability or Property loss:

Things You Should Do:

  • contact TMLIRP as soon as a claim, or the threat of a claim, occurs
  • secure the damaged property to protect any evidence
  • take photographs of the incident site and/or damaged property as soon as possible
  • get a list of all witnesses and/or parties to the incident along with any contact information
  • file a police report (if necessary)
  • complete and submit a Claims Notice Form as soon as possible and include any claim related information, such as the items listed above
  • take any reasonable steps to protect damaged property and/or mitigate any damages

Things You Should Not Do:

  • admit liability or pay a claim without first contacting the Pool
  • get into a discussion with fellow employees about a claim
  • discuss the claim with the claimants, their attorney, or anyone representing the claimant
  • make promises to claimants and/or agree to pay for any damages/injuries
  • put off notifying the Pool of a claim action. Early notification is vital
  • alter or change in any way the site of the incident
  • take a threat of a claim lightly, or wait until a claim is filed before contacting the Pool

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