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All solicitations, changes, and updates to our current procurement requirements are posted here. By submitting a RFP or an IFB, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions contained therein. TMLIRP reserves the right to reject any or all offers.

RFP/IFB documents are in PDF, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel formats.

Open Bids

Invitation For Bid 18-02 2019 Passenger Vehicles
Request for Proposal 18-04 - Review of Post Hurricane Harvey Claim Documentation and Processes
Request for Proposal 18-02 - Workers' Compensation Payroll Auditing Services

Closed Bids

RFP 17-07 - Communications Consultant
RFP 17-06 - Reinsurance Intermediary Services
RFP 17-05 - Cost Valuation for Insurable Values
RFP 17-04 - SIP Services
RFP 17-03 - Actuarial Services
RFP 17-02 - Website Design Services
RFP 17-01 - Medical Bill Review Software
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