Recovering From Disaster Safely

With Hurricane Harvey cleanup efforts underway, the following resources will help with safety and environmental concerns and clarify some misinformation being circulated.

Even if you are currently not involved with storm recovery operations, the following will help keep your community prepared:

Safety for Workers and Volunteers

Keep cleanup crews informed with frequent safety meetings and alerts. OSHA provides brief QuickCards and Fact Sheets containing need-to-know information on topics such as tree removal, using portable generators, demolition, flood cleanup and other potentially hazardous operations.

Water/Wastewater/Solid Waste

TCEQ’s website provides information regarding governmental response updates, a unified command organizational chart, notes on current air and water conditions and various other pieces of valuable regulatory information.

The Texas Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (TXWARN) assists water and wastewater utilities during major system outages. Even if entities are not currently involved in response or recovery operations, utility managers should review the benefits of joining this free and no obligation mutual aid organization. TXWARN can be contacted at (866) 989-9276.

Factual Information/Rumor Control

Unfortunately, rumors abound after a disaster, wasting valuable resources and causing counterproductive anxiety. FEMA’s Hurricane Harvey Rumor Control page addresses a number of topics from inspection and repair scams to the rumors of plague and tetanus danger.

Assistance for City Managers, Officials and Attorneys

The Texas Municipal League provides information for city officials, including answers to legal questions, resource links and other support. TML affiliates such as the Building Officials Association of Texas, Texas City Managers Association and Texas City Attorneys Association have programs to help cities in their respective fields of expertise.


The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation offers tips for recovering boiler systems, including what to examine during a post-flood inspection. Entities with applicable equipment may find the information useful, regardless of whether or not they are currently involved in recovery operations.

Cities and other local governments are working diligently to recover from Hurricane Harvey. These resources can help with answering questions, staying on task and safely resuming operations.

If you have questions about safety or loss prevention, email your Loss Prevention Representative, or call (800) 537-6655.

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