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The Pool Offers Loss Prevention Education & Training for Our Members at No Extra Cost

Education and training are essential to prevent accidents by identifying hazards and loss exposures and implementing appropriate solutions. TMLIRP develops and provides education and training programs based upon trends identified throughout the Pool's membership and provide awareness about important topics.

Focus is placed on supervisors and managers as these employees are responsible for the day-to-day operations and play a crucial role in determining outcomes for employee safety, entity liability, as well as other risk management-related exposures.

TMLIRP provides their members Loss Prevention Training Programs at no additional cost throughout all regions of the state. TMLIRP also grants continuing education hours, when applicable.

For dates and locations of classes currently scheduled, and to register for them, please see our online calendar.

For information about TMLIRP’s Online Learning Center and webinars, please see the Multimedia page.

Loss Prevention Course Descriptions

Are We Following the Rules?
Identifies safety, liability, and property concerns and provides an opportunity to prevent large and severe incidents from occurring, while improving the safety culture of the organization. The program takes an in-depth look into why organizations, including managers and employees, need to follow the rules and regulations set forth within their respective areas, discusses how and why accidents and incidents continue to occur, and suggests ways to reduce exposures and losses.
Backhoe Operations - 3 Day Classroom and Hands-On Program
Through hands-on operation and classroom instruction, students will learn to operate backhoes in a safe and efficient manner. Participants will be taught basic maintenance and repair of the machines, and be able to demonstrate their knowledge by verbal question and answer discussion, filling out daily inspection forms, and performance tests during the hands-on portion of class.
Confined Space Entry Awareness
Provides practical steps to help prevent injuries and fatalities related to confined space entries. Allows the participants to evaluate the hazards and procedures associated with confined spaces.
Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement
Provides eye-opening concepts for law enforcement officers and their families to understand and recognize the dynamics that transform motivated law enforcement officers into negative, cynical, and angry individuals with the resulting difficulties that affect the professional and personal aspects of their lives.
Essential Guide to Fitness & Health
Lifestyle choices place many individuals at higher-than-average health risk for common diseases and conditions, including increased risk for injury. Essential Guide to Fitness & Health will provide reasonable and achievable goals for any individual, especially those who want to make a change in their wellness.
Excavation & Trench Safety Awareness
With proper training, planning, and equipment, hazards associated with trench work and excavations are well defined and preventable. Excavation & Trench Safety Awareness helps to prevent injuries and fatalities related to excavations and trenches and increases the attendee's general knowledge and awareness of these operations.
High-Risk Issues in Law Enforcement: Response to Resistance, Electronic Control Devices, Excited Delirium, and Arrest-Related Deaths
Each day, law enforcement officers must deal with a multitude of high-risk and critical task issues and events that test their knowledge, skills, abilities, training, and fortitude. Officers must react according to laws, court decisions, precedents, policies, and most of all, what will keep them safe. This course will provide steps to help reduce and eliminates exposures within law enforcement organizations from both the liability and officer safety perspectives.
Housing Authority Liability & Safety
Creating a culture of safety in the workplace starts at the top and in doing so employees must have the knowledge and awareness of safety issues and how to practice them every day. Housing Authority Liability & Safety will address the potential liability and safety issues facing employees and residents while offering recommendations on how to prevent incidents from occurring.
Integrity, Ethics, and Leadership in the Workplace
Focuses on proven principles that will greatly impact and influence any new, current, or future leaders that true leadership excellence is doing the right thing, setting the right example, serving as a positive role model, and making a difference in other people's lives.
Law Enforcement Response to Resistance Training
Officers will be engaged in a combination of classroom discussion and hands-on activity. The use of a simulator and courtroom, while role-playing with an instructor and student discussion, will help officers make reasonably appropriate, practical, and defendable decisions when faced with resistance.
Liability Risk Management for Law Enforcement Personnel
Explores practical aspects of civil litigation, addresses areas of liability, looks at the magnitude of significant problem areas, and discusses innovative solutions to minimize and control exposures and losses.
Risk Management Essentials for Supervisors
Supervisors are the direct link between management and the workforce and are most effective in developing job training, safety attitudes, safe working methods, and identifying unsafe acts and conditions. This program addresses the basic roles and responsibilities that supervisors have for the health and safety of employees as well as the importance of supervisors taking an active role in reducing accidents, injuries, and liability exposures while contributing to increased productivity.
Safety Essentials for Field Operations and Maintenance Personnel
Workplace safety hazards and exposures exist with any type of work, from mowing or maintaining facilities, to working underground, trimming trees, or operating a treatment facility. Public entity maintenance and operations personnel will learn steps to prevent injuries and eliminate hazards and exposures.
Tactical Emergency Vehicle Operations
Vehicle-related accidents are the leading cause of officer injuries. Tactical Emergency Vehicle Operations will help mitigate exposure to officers and damage to vehicles, while maintaining safety for the public and citizens protected by the agency.
Tony Korioth Supervisor Academy - 3 Day Program
TMLIRP established the Tony Korioth Supervisor Academy to address the need to build the skills and knowledge of supervisors. Properly educated supervisors help eliminate higher Liability, Property, and Workers' Compensation claims. Attendees will leave with skills and information for immediate use in the workplace, as well as greater confidence to apply their supervisory skills.
Vehicle Operations for Maintenance Personnel
Participants will understand how to identify potential driving problems and provide realistic solutions to reduce accidents and injuries.
Vehicle Operations for Public Entities
Smart driving is both an attitude and a skill. Awareness of hazards and good decision making can go a long way toward protecting your safety and the safety of others. Vehicle Operations for Public Entities will focus on exposures and techniques to reduce vehicle collision and injuries.

The Importance of Loss Prevention

Loss prevention efforts play a critical role in your entity's risk management program. Implementing loss prevention recommendations and strategies can help eliminate occurrences, which helps lower severity, resulting in reduced contributions and a lower total cost of risk.

TMLIRP's Loss Prevention staff conducts on-site visits to discuss current efforts, review loss history and current trends, and deliver strategic recommendations. These visits help mitigate and prevent claims, while identifying problems and achievable solutions based on Member needs.

The Risk Pool's Loss Prevention staff has a wide range of multi-discipline experience, education, certifications, and areas of expertise. These experts are ready to meet with you to provide recommendations that will enhance existing programs and provide the necessary knowledge to take your efforts to the next level.

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