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Providing police and fire services is tough and essential. We are here to help.

Over the past 40 years of serving local governments, the Risk Pool has developed resources and strategic partnerships to help police and fire departments. Sample Law Enforcement Guidelines are available from the Texas Police Chiefs Association (TPCA). The TPCA’s Law Enforcement Best Practices Program supports agencies in delivering services, reducing risk, and protecting individuals’ rights. Access and download the Best Practices Standards at http://rp.tpcaf.org.

Similarly, the Texas Fire Chiefs Association (TFCA) has developed a best practices program to encourage fire departments in Texas to seek continual improvement in their services to their local community. There are twelve chapters which define best practices in the typical service areas provided by a fire department. This program is applicable to paid, combination, and volunteer fire organizations. The TFCA encourages fire departments to pursue this third-party designation by completing the performance requirements outlined in the program. This will be a challenging but worthwhile endeavor for organizations pursuing this designation. Examples of sample policies can be downloaded from the TFCA’s website at https://txfirechiefs.org/best-practices.

TMLIRP can provide funding for first year fees to member agencies that enter the TPCA or TFCA Best Practices Recognition Program. Funding is on a first come basis, with yearly update fees the responsibility of the member entity. Download the TPCA application or the TFCA application and send it to the represented Association. When the department enters the Recognition Program with a signed contract, the Association will forward the application to TMLIRP.

For more information about the TPCA or TFCA Best Practices Programs, please contact your Loss Prevention Representative or visit either of the Associations’ website.

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