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TMLIRP's Loss Prevention Resources provide up-to-date and applicable information for local government needs.

The Pool provides newsletters and publications that address safety and risk management topics.

Sample Safety Manual and Law Enforcement Guidelines are available by contacting your Loss Prevention Representative.

TMLIRP has a program to pay first year fees for fire departments that enter into the Texas Fire Chiefs Association Best Practices Recognition program. Click here for the form.

TMLIRP also maintains a list of useful links related to areas of safety, risk management, statutory and regulatory compliance, and security.

For Member entities, please contact the Loss Prevention Representative.


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Back Injury Prevention DVD and Training Program

Driving Safety/Vehicles

  • Backing Skills
  • Conducting Motor Vehicle Record Checks
  • Move Over, It's the Law
  • Riding in Vehicles - Rules to Live By
  • Texas Emergency Vehicle Laws 
  • Vehicle Accident Kits (English and Spanish)

Emergency Preparedness

  • Emergency Preparedness Plan 
  • Ebola Preparedness

Fire Safety

  • Fire at the Fire Station
  • Translucent Panels Pose Fall Risk to Firefighters
  • Smoke Detectors

General Safety

  • Boiler Inspections Notice
  • Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Heat Stress
  • Indoor Air Quality: Molds, Fungi, Mildew & Moisture
  • Is Your Computer a Help or Hazard
  • Job Safety Analysis Form
  • Preventing Lightning Losses
  • Proper Disposal of Home Health Care Supplies
  • Security & Emergency Planning Resources
  • Slips and Falls Prevention 

Parks & Recreation

  • Aquatics Risk Management Manual and free video
  • Swimming Pool Chemical Storage Safety
  • Groundskeeping - Know the Hazards
  • Safely Operating a Wood Chipper
  • Skate Park Guidelines
  • Tractor Mower Safety

Personnel/Human Resources

  • Call Before You Fire
  • Establishing a Return to Work Program
  • How to Lower Workers' Compensation Losses
  • Required Posters for Public Entities in Texas

Public Works & Utilities

  • Excavation Documentation Guide
  • Heavy Construction Equipment and Theft
  • Landfill Compactors
  • Trenching and Excavation Tips
  • Underground Hazards

Sample Safety Manual

  • Safety Manual
  • Safety Manual Forms
  • Accident Prevention Plan
  • Sample Accident Prevention Plan Forms

Seasonal Publications

  • 2017 Fireworks Display Safety
  • Aquatics Risk Management Manual and video

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