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TMLIRP is seeking a Staff Actuary in Austin, TX. This position directs the Pool’s actuarial management and analytical functions; performs complex actuarial calculations on the Pool’s historic, current, and projected losses and revenues; performs calculations on the Pool’s investment portfolio concerning the funding and reserving for losses; and conducts complex economic and financial analysis. Analyzes, interprets, evaluates and reports on the Pool’s loss data, revenue projections, and related material for actuarial analysis and oversees management of the actuarial reserve and rate reserve studies. Researches, extracts, and conducts complex analysis on loss reserve data and conducts loss trend and probability analysis using generally accepted statistical methodology, develops reports and makes recommendations on the findings. Works with executive management to establish strategic financial policies and prepares reports and makes presentations at board meetings. Monitors and analyzes economic environments, financial markets, investment income markets; fixed income sectors; analyzes mortgage backed securities (MBS) including prepayment and extension risks; and analyzes optimal actuarial reserve duration requirements for the workers compensation, liability, and property funds portion of the total portfolio. Under the direction of the chief investment officer, performs analytical review of the Pools investment techniques including indexing, sector/security analysis, and interest rate anticipation; based on long term investment income requirements, provides recommendations on construction of the investment portfolio; monitors and provides recommendations on the portfolio based on prevailing economic and market conditions; and assists in updating the Pool’s investment benchmark. Reviews investment reconciliations; analyzes and interprets investment information and provides analysis and guidance to executive management; and monitors and calculates investment returns. Assembles data current and historic loss data and builds revenue and loss triangles and schedules for rate setting and establishing reserves. On a continuous basis, works jointly with the Pool’s independent actuary in performing the annual actuarial rate study and reserve study. Conducts analysis on incurred but not reported (IBNR) and unallocated loss adjustment expenses (ULAE) reserves, as well as complex calculations on discounting reserves. Conducts financial efficiency modeling and target equity balance studies. Develops predictive analytics using statistical learning techniques and Cognos reports as needed. Assists in analyzing and developing capital/reinsurance requirements. Conducts bordereau reconciliations. Assists in reviewing and maintaining roles and permissions. Assists the controller in performing financial data analysis, investment reports, assists in budget development, and financial reporting. Prepares input on loss trends and analysis for the monthly financial reports. Performs investment analysis, review and portfolio structure recommendations. Assists in development and review of investment schedules for annual audit and annual report. Performs related duties.

40 hrs. per week. $95,139 – $150,000 per year. Applicant must have Master’s degree in mathematics, statistics, or actuarial science and 24 months’ experience in the actuarial field. Substantial completion of Charter Financial Analyst designation required. Must be Associate of Casualty Actuarial Society. Applicants contact Allan Romer, Human Resources Manager, at

Equal Opportunity Employer.

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