TMLIRP Funds Application for TFCA Best Practices Recognition Program

TMLIRP Funds Application for TFCA Best Practices Recognition Program

The Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool (TMLIRP) has announced funding to assist Risk Pool member agencies in entering the Best Practices Recognition Program starting October 1, 2017. Funds are allocated for initial Recognition Program fees.
TMLIRP is pleased to provide assistance to its members in facilitating Texas fire departments to take advantage of the TFCA’s Best Practices program.

Committee Chair Chief Robert Isbell stated “TMLIRP’s partnership with the TFCA Best Practices Recognition Program validates our joint commitment to acknowledge the agencies that are setting the standard in public safety excellence.”

The Texas Fire Chiefs Association establishes fees according to agency size. The funding program is for the initial year fees only and subsequent update fees will be the responsibility of the member entity. Funding for this year is limited, and the program will end when the funds are expended. After September 30, 2018, the program will depend on budgeted funds and interest in the program.

To apply for the funding, the agency must be a member of the TML Risk Pool. The agency should obtain an application here or call the Loss Prevention Department at (800) 537-6655. The TFCA will also have the form. Agencies should send their completed TMLIRP Funding Application with the agency’s Application for the Recognition Program to the TFCA office.

When the agency is accepted into the Program, the TFCA will notify TMLIRP. After eligibility is verified, TMLIRP will issue a check in the funding amount directly to TFCA, based on funding availability.

For questions to TMLIRP regarding details and eligibility, please contact Chris Remmert, or Irvin Janak, or call us toll-free at (800) 537-6655.

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