Contribution payments for Liability, Property, and Workers' Compensation may be made through the following methods:

Wire/ACH Assistance

Carol Platt
(800) 537-6655
ext. 2415.

U.S. Mail

TML Intergovernmental Risk Pool
P.O. Box 388 
San Antonio, TX 78292-0388

Overnight (UPS/FedEx)

TML Intergovernmental Risk Pool 
Attn: Carol Platt 
1821 Rutherford Lane, First Floor 
Austin, TX 78754-5151

Payments for Employee Health

P.O. Box 910404 
Dallas, TX 75391-0404

Payments for Dues, Publications & Workshops

1821 Rutherford Lane, Suite 400 
Austin, TX 78754

Contact Our Billing Department

For questions regarding billing, please contact the following staff members at (800) 537-6655:

Accounts Receivable Supervisor

Carol Platt
ext. 2415

Senior A/R Technician

Carol Platt
ext. 2415


Celina Rodriguez
ext. 2455

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I combine my TMLIRP contribution payment with my payment for TML-IEBP employee health or TML dues/subscriptions?
Please keep these three types of payments separate and mail them to the addresses listed above. TMLIRP, TML-IEBP, and TML are separate entities with different billing requirements and addresses.
Does the Pool offer any contribution discounts?

Yes, a 2{be3c2caa45669f3f37d800de9ae3d07c1f021e3cb8cc270eec01fe11c098da44} Pre-Payment Discount is applied to all contributions that are paid annually each year upon renewal. The 2{be3c2caa45669f3f37d800de9ae3d07c1f021e3cb8cc270eec01fe11c098da44} Pre-Payment Discount equates to a 5.5{be3c2caa45669f3f37d800de9ae3d07c1f021e3cb8cc270eec01fe11c098da44} effective rate. If you are not already receiving this discount, please contact our office to see how much you could save.

I was billed for a "Reimb Deduct" on my billing statement. What is this for?

A "Reimb Deduct" is an abbreviation for Reimbursable Deductible. When TMLIRP pays legal expenses, settlements, etc. on one of your Liability claims, there may be a deductible associated with that coverage. When these charges appear on your billing statement, we are billing you for the deductible on that particular claim. A Deductible Reimbursement Report is included with that billing statement, but if you need more information, please contact a Billing Representative.

I was billed/credited for a "W/C Audit." What is this for?

The Workers' Compensation audit is the additional/return contribution for the prior Fund Year. The amount is the difference in contribution between the actual audited payroll at the end of the Fund Year and the estimated payroll at the beginning of the Fund Year. It is basically the final audited contribution less the estimated contribution that you have already been billed. The audit results and supporting documentation have already been mailed or delivered to you separately. If you need more information, please contact us.

How can I get a copy of a billing statement?

Please contact one of our billing representatives above for any billing statements you are missing.

What's in my "previous balance" on my billing statement?

The previous balance on your current billing statement is the ending balance on the prior billing statement.

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