Procurement Process

Our procurement process is designed to ensure the timely delivery of innovative and accurate solutions that create immediate value while emphasizing good stewardship of the Pool's resources and funds.

All solicitations, changes, and updates to our current procurement requirements are posted here. By submitting a RFP or an IFB, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions contained therein. TMLIRP reserves the right to reject any or all offers.

RFP/IFB documents are in PDF, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel formats.

Open Bids

Closed Bids

  • IFB 19-01 – Roof Replacement Project

  • RFP 19-01 – Fee-Based Retirement Financial Planning Sessions and Education Services

  • RFP 17-07 – Communications Consultant

  • RFP 17-06 – Reinsurance Intermediary Services

  • RFP 17-05 – Cost Valuation for Insurable Values

  • RFP 17-04 – SIP Services

  • RFP 17-03 – Actuarial Services

  • RFP 17-02 – Website Design Services

  • RFP 17-01 – Medical Bill Review Software

  • IFB 18-02 2019 Passenger Vehicles

  • RFP 18-04 – Review of Post Hurricane Harvey Claim Documentation and Processes

  • RFP 18-02 – Workers’ Compensation Payroll Auditing Services

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